Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

At Bitterne CE Primary School, our aim is that children develop not only as creative, enthusiastic writers, but also as great technical writers. The grammar of our English is learnt naturally and implicitly through interactions with other speakers and from reading. Explicit knowledge of grammar is, however, very important, as it gives us more conscious control and choice in our language.
Building this knowledge is best achieved through a focus on grammar within the teaching of reading, writing and speaking. Once our pupils are familiar with a grammatical concept [for example ‘modal verb’], our aim is to encourage the children and give them the confidence to apply and explore this concept in the grammar of their own speech and writing and to note where it is used by others. 
Grammar, punctuation and spelling are taught in a variety of different ways, with careful consideration given to how the children will best gain a secure understanding for which they can apply in their work. Although the skills may be taught discretely, it is essential that the children apply the skills of grammar, punctuation and spelling in their own writing. The skills taught are informed by the National Curriculum, which sets out which skills should be learnt by the children in each school year. 

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