At Bitterne CE Primary, we aim to develop a love of mathematics and a keen curiosity of mathematical knowledge that will benefit our pupils throughout their lives.  As a core subject, and serving as an important foundation for practical mathematics in children’s lives, we want to ensure that children understand the significance of mathematics and its application in every day situations, both in their childhood and into their adult lives and future careers.


By adopting and delivering mathematics through the mastery approach, which aims to improve pupils’ understanding, enjoyment and attainment in maths, Bitterne CE Primary encourages children to explore mathematical concepts through a variety of concrete representations in every day mathematical contexts. After initially engaging pupils in concepts through the use of concrete resources, we then develop children’s mathematical knowledge by using pictorial representations before instilling the abstract understanding in line with the concept.  We aim to extend children’s understanding through a variety of problem solving and reasoning activities, focussing on deepening children’s understanding.  The mastery approach ensures that students at Bitterne CE Primary have a strong sense of number, place value and counting from an early age with key facts embedded to support their development as mathematicians.


To support our pupils’ problem solving and reasoning skills, we endeavour to promote positive attitudes towards mathematics.  From our early years’ provision through to year 6, we aim to build children’s passion, curiosity, enthusiasm and resilience for maths, exposing them to increasingly complex challenges which develop their ability to approach problems in a coherent, systematic, and efficient way.   As children progress through Bitterne CE Primary, we promote efficient written methods that effectively build on their previous knowledge and we aim to embed confident and secure times table knowledge by the end of year 4.


By embracing the mastery approach to maths, we intend to give all children in our school the best possible opportunity to discover new mathematical concepts with their peers, before they practise, reason and embed learning with increasing independence.  Through quality teaching, accurate assessment and careful resourcing, mathematical concepts are revisited and further embedded for all children at a pace that suits their individual needs.  In every mathematical concept, from number to geometry, we support children’s mathematical vocabulary and ability to engage in discussions to ensure that pupils can leave Bitterne CE Primary as confident and enthusiastic mathematicians ready for their transition into secondary education and their adult lives.


Please see the links below for useful websites:

Maths Curriculum Pathway
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Maths Policy May 2021-May 2024
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Number Bonds Policy March 2022 - March 2025
Number Bonds Policy March 2022 - March 2[...]
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Times Tables Policy December 2021 - December 2023
Times Tables Policy December 2021 - Dece[...]
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