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At Bitterne CE Primary school,  we encourage children’s creativity and individual expression, providing opportunities to record, explore, and make based upon their thoughts and ideas. Throughout their whole school experience, they will get the chance to look at how art is created through different media, for example paint, clay, and cloth, as well as looking at the work of prominent and significant artists who have influenced creative development throughout history. Through the art and design programme, your children will also get to explore a range of art styles from impressionism to surrealism to pop and retro art. 


Bitterne CE Primary school aims to ensure that all pupils develop creative, practical, and technical expertise. As their art skills are built upon over the years, the children will provided with the opportunity to record their own thoughts and feelings about the art they are exposed to, with the chance to evaluate and analyse their own work and the work of their peers. Their creativity combined with reasoning and evaluating skills  will develop during their time at the school, enabling the, to critique, evaluate, and test their ideas and products as well as build a repertoire of knowledge they can use later in life 

Art Progression of Skills
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Art Curriculum Overview 2018-2019
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Art & Design Policy July 2021- July 2024
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