Modern Foreign Language


Since September 2014, language learning has become a compulsory subject of the National Curriculum for children in Key Stage Two.


At Bitterne C of E Primary our chosen language is French. The children begin to learn French from Year 3.  To ensure the children at Bitterne C of E Primary develop a sound level of French we have planned an exciting, enriching and stimulating sequence of lessons for each year group where the children are taught both skills and knowledge.


The series of lessons, across Key Stage Two, include the teaching and rehearsal of: speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and intercultural understanding. These are taught by various activities, such as: direct experience of a language, practical speaking experience, recalling and recording a language, chants, songs and rhymes and games, listening to stories, role play, use of ICT including websites and presentations to develop and consolidate learning, video and sound recordings as well as use of theme days, weeks or events to promote subject interest and cultural understanding.

Intercultural understanding encompasses: 

  • respect and understanding of cultural diversity: understanding how symbols, objects and pictures can represent a country
  • talk about, discuss and present information about a particular country’s culture
  • begin to understand more complex issues which affect countries in the world today for example poverty, famine religion and war

More information can be seen in our Language Policy.


Knowledge coverage:

Year 3

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Numbers to 10

Simple greetings

What is your name?

How old are you?


Numbers to 20

Days of the week

Months of the year

Simple instructions (follow)


Numbers to 30

Colours (simple/common colours)

Animals (pets and well known)

2D shapes


Year 4

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Numbers to 40


Body parts (simple)

Feelings - How are you feeling?


Numbers to 60

Single letter sounds

Colours (a larger range)

Expressing preferences and opinions

Animals and habitats (more complex)

Local countries - Where do you live?

Family and people


Rooms in the house

Items around the house/furniture

Vegetables and common foods


Year 5

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Re-cap year 3 and 4 .

Numbers to 100 & 1000

School subjects and likes/dislikes

Telling the time – hours and minutes



Learning the alphabet


In my school bag …..

Items around the school and classroom

Places in the town or city e.g. church

Leisure and hobbies


Body parts (more specific) and actions

Weather and seasons


Year 6

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Recap numbers to 100 & 1000.

Re-cap all covered so far (above)



Planets in the solar system


3D shapes



Way of life in France vs England

Asking for things around the classroom





MFL Whole School Planning Coverage
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MFL Policy September 2021 - September 2024
MfL Policy September 2021 - September 20[...]
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