Modern Foreign Languages

At Bitterne CE Primary School our chosen Modern Foreign Language is French. The children begin learning French from Year 3. We will inspire every child to develop curiosity and fascination about the world around us and modern languages, which will remain with them for the rest of their lives. We will stimulate their minds to reflect on other languages and cultures with upmost respect, and give children the freedom to be able to communicate in a modern language. Through high quality lessons, we will encourage children to use new vocabulary and phrases, leading to a high-level of achievement in MfL and prepare them well to contribute to the wider society in which they live.  

The series of lessons, across Key Stage Two, include the teaching and rehearsal of: speaking, listening & comprehension, reading & comprehension, and writing. These are taught by various activities, such as: direct experience of a language, practical speaking experience, chants, songs, rhymes, games, listening to stories and pronunciation of words and phrases, role play, use of ICT including websites and presentations to develop and consolidate learning.


More information can be seen in our Language Policy.

MFL Whole School Planning Coverage
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MFL Policy September 2021 - September 2024
MfL Policy September 2021 - September 20[...]
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