Our School Day



Our school doors open and the children are welcomed at the start of the new school day in their classroom by their teacher.  Please help us to help your child become increasingly independent by letting them come into school, hang up their own coat and sort out their own book bag.


These fifteen minutes are a good time to pass on any quick messages or updates.  The teachers have more time at the end of the school day for a longer chat.


8:45am - 10:30am

Learning activities for the day begin. Your child’s class teacher will have planned a range of experiences for the class which help to ensure that our commitment to high standards and a broad and rich curriculum are met.



Collective Worship happens in either hall.  The children join in singing and an act of worship with either the whole school or in the key stages.


10.30am – 10.45am

Playtime. The children enjoy the opportunity to play with friends in our well supervised and exciting outside environment. We have a range of play equipment and apparatus available and areas for quiet activities.


10:45 am at 12:00am

The children all have a drink of water or milk and some fruit. Milk is provided free of charge to children under 5 under the Nursery Milk Scheme.  Once your child turns 5 you can register with cool.milk.com to allow your child to continue to receive milk each day.   The fruit is currently provided by the government and forms part of our “Healthy Schools” initiative. Children are not allowed to have other food at this time and we are a nut free school.  Water is freely available during the school day. 


Lunchtime (12:00pm to 1:00pm)

We encourage all children to have a hot, healthy school lunch cooked on the premises.  This is free for every child under the Governments universal free school meals programme.  Children can also opt to bring a packed lunch from home. The children sit in friendship groups and are encouraged to help each other and have good table manners. We have a friendly and professional team of lunchtime supervisors who make sure the children are happy and help to develop their play skills.


1:00pm - 3:00pm

Teaching and Learning time continues, usually in the form of Busy Bee Time.  This is the time when children can choose their own games, which consolidate their learning.  Children are provided with the resources to draw, paint, count and be creative with construction materials or IT and essentially develop their communication and language and social skills through play which is vital to a child’s development.



School ends. The children are brought out by their class teacher and again this is an opportunity for you to talk with the teachers.


Please check out the curriculum page to see our Curriculum Bulletin for this term!


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