How do you become a Prefect?
Each year children in Year 6 are invited to apply to become a Prefect. They have to explain how they would promote respect in school as a Prefect.
The applicants are then invited to an interview with Mr Peterson and a Governor.  At the interview  the children are asked why they would make an excellent Prefect and what they would do to promote respect in school.
After then interview we decide who would make a great Prefect and award them their badge.
What do Prefects do?
Prefects carry out a range of jobs in the school to make sure that levels of respect are as high as they can be. They lead a Collective Worship regularly and share what is going well and how we can all be even more respectful to each other.
Prefects act as great role models for the younger children in the school. Prefects wear their badge with pride.

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