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Underpinning the entire computing curriculum at Bitterne CE Primary School is teaching the importance of ‘E-safety’ and how to keep yourself and others safe online.  In order to raise awareness of this across the school, we will hold an ‘Internet Safety Day’ in February each year.  As part of this, each year group will be taking part in activities which focus on different aspects of e-safety. Here is a brief outline of what each year group will be learning:

Year R: Messages – How can we send someone a private message? Why do we send people message?

Year 1: Communication (Emails) – What is an email? How do we keep our emails private? Why do we use passwords? How do we choose a secure password? Why should my password be kept private?

Year 2: Personal information – When might I be asked for my personal information online? What personal information is safe to give out? What should I do if someone I don’t trust asks for my personal information?

Year 3: Emails – What information should I send in an email? What should I do if someone sends me an email that I think is unsafe? What are the SMART rules for sending and receiving emails?

Year 4: Sending and receiving clear and polite messages using different media (Emails and texts) – What is the intent of a message I have received? How can I make sure that messages I send are clear and polite? What do I do if I receive a message that I do not like?

Year 5: Cyberbullying – What is cyberbullying? How do I know if I am being bullied online? What do I do if I am being bullied online?

Year 6: Communicating safely online – What messages should I accept? What is reliable online? What information should I keep safe? Who should I tell if I have a problem? Who can I trust when communicating online? How can I report messages I do not like?

If you would like to talk your child about ‘E-safety’, this website is an excellent resource which helps teach the basics of staying safe online:




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