Reading At Home Top Tips


Read to them. Get them to choose a book that is harder for them to read and read it to them. Use this as a time to develop your child’s comprehension skills rather than their fluency skills. Getting your child to listen to you read is just as valuable as them reading alone and it allows you to model how wonderful books can be.


Read every day. Children love a routine and they will look forward to spending that time with you. Read just together or make it a family occasion. Research shows that switching off devices and reading before bed can help avoid disrupted sleep.


Reading everywhere! Show children how often you read in life. Whether it is reading a book, a recipe, checking emails or finding information. Showing that reading is a vital part of everyday life will encourage them to read. 


Talk about books. Discuss the books they have been reading at school and at home and discuss what books you read as a child. This will encourage them to try different stories and genres.


Make it fun. Use drama or make puppets to re-enact the story. Read the books before watching the movies and compare them together. Choose different ways to listen to a story, whether it is listening to a podcast or watching a video of someone reading a story.


Show that you value your child’s efforts. Reading is a complex skill and it can take a long time for a child to develop their fluency and comprehension skills. Be patient and flexible, and don’t forget to praise.









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