Dear Parents / Carers, 


Thank you for your continued support in these challenging times. 

Children from Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 have been able to return to school. for a couple of weeks now.  Although making sure everyone is socially distancing throughout the day is exhausting, it has been lovely to welcome some of the children back to school. 

I am really pleased that, as a result of a massive effort by the entire staff team, the re-opening of the school to Year R, 1 and 6 has gone really smoothly and, those who have returned to school, feel safe and are happy.  We have tried to make the atmosphere in school feel as relaxed and nurturing as possible, but we are definitely not back to a pre-lockdown education. Things are very different to how they used to be. 


You will have seen that the government announced last week that they will not be aiming for all primary school children to return before the summer. I am sad that we will not be able to re-open more widely for our Year 2,3,4,5 children. In order to just reopen for Year R,1 and 6 and continue Critical Worker School, we are using every single classroom in the school and every available teacher and all of our support staff in order to maintain pods of less than 15 children and maintain social distancing. 


I sincerely hope that nationally the situation improves and the government will reduce the social distancing measures enough so that we can have all children back to school from September. I will keep you informed over the summer break about the latest government guidance and, towards the end of the summer holiday, will share what our plans will be for our return in September. I am hoping that we will be able to open to all children, but we will obviously follow national guidelines to ensure everyone's safety. 


The teachers will continue to use the Friday to plan for home learning and to regularly contact families where children are learning from home. 


Mr May, as Curriculum Leader, will be sending out information later this month about our plans for a 'transition curriculum' for September. I also want to reassure everyone that we will not be starting the usual curriculum for year groups in September. There will be more personal, social, health and emotional education throughout the week to help children adjust back into school life.
We will also be tracking back to find out what your child can do and tailoring the curriculum to where your child is when they return to school. For example, if your child is in Year 4 in September, they will not be taught the Year 4 curriculum expectations straight away. They will need to be taught key content from the Year 3 curriculum to help plug gaps and move learning on from where they are now. Over time, we will ensure they are taught all they need to learn to reduce gaps and catch up to teaching the age appropriate curriculum. 


The school has been open since 23rd March 2020 for critical worker children, including half terms and bank holidays. The staff have been amazing in coming in over the holidays to do this. However, the school will be fully closed over the summer holidays to all children. Southampton City Council are coordinating with a range of summer club providers to continue to make child care available for critical workers. As soon as we know details of any schemes, we will send them to you, so you can book places in the provision. This means the last day for Critical Worker School will be Friday 17th July. 


Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) 
We were due to have a parental consultation ahead of the new curriculum from September 2020. The Department for Education have agreed that the implementation of the Relationship and Sex Education curriculum will be delayed until Summer 2021. This means we will hopefully have time for a more effective consultation in the Autumn and Spring terms in the new academic year. 


Getting ready for September
Sadly, we will not be able to have our usual transfer day in July but I am sure you will understand the reasons why this cannot take place.  We will be sending out a letter on Friday 26th June to let parents know which teacher your child will have in September. 

This year none of the year groups are being mixed.  As part of the transition process each teacher will create a short introductory video for their new class and the links for these will be sent out in the letter about new classes.  Later in July, your child's new teacher will contact you for a chat before the summer and before the end of term, teachers will send out a welcome pack for each year group with some induction activities to complete over the summer break ready for September. 


The teachers have been working very hard writing a report for each child in their class.  They will be in a similar format to the usual ones but will only reflect the curriculum that was taught from last September until lockdown started in March.   The reports will go out on Friday 10th July. If your child is not in school, we will send your child’s report home via the post. 


The home learning lesson plans will continue to be sent out until the end of term. The last weekly set will be sent out on Friday 10th July.


Thank you once again for all your continued support and kind words 

Yours sincerely


Mr Peterson

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