The aim of the school's design and technology programme is to help pupils to understand the influence of technology on society and to enable them to be inventive in designing practical solitions to problems that they and others encounter.


The school follows the national curriculum programmes of study for design and technology ensring children build on the work undertaken in Key Stage 1.  They will prgressivle broaden their grasp of the design process.  They carry out 2 or 3 main projects each year, where the emphasis is on designing, making and evaluationg solutions to meet real needs.  This will involve the children working independently and as part of a group to plan and make projects.


Throught their work, children use an increasingly wide range of tools, mechanisms and materials (including food).  They are taught how to work safely and an emphasis is placed on using time and materials efficicently and effectively.  As the children move through the school they are encouraged to apply the skills and knwledge they have been taught to come up with increasingly creative solutions to problems.


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